Selected Series are done!

Just finished my Selected images for my “Self and Landscape” Module and actually like me, myself and I 😉
Following 10 images represent my expression of SELF and LANDSCAPE. Altered in Photoshop.
1. Here I use the Arial Fond in the Background. I used a blending change and the outer glow for the effects.

Talk to me

2. The front is a part of our Sherkin Island performance. I shoot the image of the background in Cologne from an Art Exhibition at the Museum Ludwig.
Look like us!

3. This is me wrapped in plastic (Photoshop Plastic Wrap
Effect) in a tube.To archive the shadow I copied myself and added a black color overlay with a low opacity.
Stuck in a Tube

4. This is me fighting against (or with) nature at the North of the Mizen in Lackavaun, where I use to live from 2003 – 2008. The Sphinx inspired me to this  manipulation.
Sphinx of Mizen

5. Here I use an already manipulated image of my last performance at the Mount Gabriel Radar Dome, projected to my body.
Talk to me II

6. This are 2 images combined with the blending change Colour Dodge.
Salty Sherkin Shout 2014

7. This is a charcoal drawing of myself combined with a landscape shining through by the use of the blending change Colour Burn.
Talk to me III

8. Here I used 3 different Layers to get these effects. the 2nd Layer has the blending change Dissolve. The 3rd use the filter Dry Brush.
Bee3Layers 2ndDissolve 3rd filterDry Brush
Be Bee

9. My stair rail merged with nature.

1o. This are 2 images combined with the blending change Dissolve. I used as well the masking layer effect to get rid of parts of my face.  For the scratches I use my pen and graphic tablet.
The future is here


16.03.2014 Anniversary of the BSC

Switch off your Television get out of your comfort zone and join this Anniversary! Everyone of this participants has more creative energies in the left toe tips as the whole X-Factor Mass Productions could ever recruit….

A Call to all Creative People: Sunday Evening the 16th – before St. Patricks Day – We celebrate our 3rd Anniversary from the Club. We want to encourage anybody in West Cork to come along and contribute a piece of Art – No Matter which Style (Performance, Painting Poem, Song/CoverSong, somersault, etc) as long as the subject contains Ireland, Ballydehob, Ballydehob Social Club or St. Patricks Day …please drop me a note and I put you in a slot. Please don´t hesitate to contact me as well if you want more information. 086 0536107 xx Thanks and Hope to C U all next Sunda!!BSC3YearLineUp