Hagalaz explores the role that ceremony can play in the resolution of trauma. It offers an insight into how such ceremonies can transform previously shattered relationships and reestablish meaningful connections with others. The experience of suffering was recorded through narrative and a symbolic releasing of the past.

Hagalaz mantra rap by Detlef Schlich Lyrics and ritual mantra rap by Crystal Liebach Percussion:
Wooden stick beat – Crystal Liebach
Blue plastic canister drum – Detlef Schlich
Medium – Crystal Liebach
Ritual Designer, Photographer, Video and Sound Editing – Detlef Schlich
Concept – Detlef Schlich aka Transodin
CuteAlienTV 2018
Published on 22 Mar 2018

Medium – Christa Liebach Ritual Designer, Photographer, Video and Sound Editing – Detlef Schlich ⒸCute Alien TV 2018

Detlef Schlich is an interdisciplinary artist and ritual designer working with performance, photography, painting, sound, installations and film. His main concern is the exploration of the loss of boundaries between human beings and technology in the 21st Century, the emerging phenomenon of transhumanism in the digital age. His methodology is the creation of an alter ego, a mythical character, a contemporary manifestation of transhumanism which embodies the symbiotic relationship between the human experience and technology. Through these alter egos he can explore this fatalistic relationship in which human beings are losing their spirituality and seek methods of re-spiritualization through art. In his studio, he uses ritual performance footage as a source of inspiration. He then works with digital and physical media collaging both the charcoal, acrylics and digital to create a final piece of visual work.