Hagalaz: Selected for the Figueira Film Art Festival 2018 in Portugal.

They say that there’s never been a better time for artists, especially when it comes to making money via the internet. Well, it might be true to a certain extent that artists are no longer at the mercy of big-name galleries and dealers in order to sell their work. This might work for a lot of visual artists and craft maker, but I was always wondering how this applies to installation art, what is the material benefit of filmmaking or similar work of art that ignores all the fundamental selling points? How can I still be motivated to continue if I can’t make a living with it?

However, it seems that sitting in front of the computer screen in order to apply for film festivals and other open calls can help and makes sense but it takes at least the same time than making art, if not more. So here is my benefit:

I am happy to announce that I have been given the opportunity to engage with the Figueira Film Art Festival 2018 in Portugal. The organizers of this festival did a great job and attached e-mail just arrived. Paid Hostel for me and the film crew is provided and food with 15 € subsidized. Now I just have to find a way to convince the German Embassy in Dublin to send me a new Passport over here to West Cork in order to save the costs for a ticket to Portugal/Figuiera.

Thank you Figueira Film Art Festival for keeping me motivated making art. This is what I call a well organized and enthusiastic film festival.

Official selection E-Mail:

Bom dia / Good Morning

Conforme combinado apresentamos as nossas condições para estadia no Figueira Film Art 2018. Não são as que gostaríamos mas as que podemos oferecer.

As agreed we present our conditions to stay in Figueira Film Art 2018. They are not the ones we would like to present but the ones we can offer.

Se for necessário uma “Carta de convite” personalizada agradecemos que nos indiquem os dados necessários

If a personalized “Letter of invitation” is required, please provide us with the necessary information


Alojamento / Accomodation

– Uma noite de alojamento no Hostel 402, sujeito a disponibilidade. Contactar diretamente para reservas@hostel402.pt com conhecimento para ffa2018so@figueirafilmart.com

– One night accommodation at Hostel 402, subject to availability. Contact directly to reservas@hostel402.pt with knowledge to ffa2017so@figueirafilmart.com

Alternativa / Alternative
– Comparticipação em despesas de alojamento até ao limite de 15€
– Contribution in accommodation expenses up to the limit of  15€

Refeições / Meals

Em parceria com restaurante Jet 7.5   (7.5€ refeição)

In partnership with Jet 7.5 restaurant (7.5€ meal)

– 15€ Comparticipação
– 15€ Contribution

Os valores indicados são garantidos para todos os dias que pretendam ficar connosco, e também para acompanhantes

The indicated values are guaranteed for all the days that wish to stay with us, and also for companions.


Estas condições estão disponíveis para um elemento, de preferência o Realizador, por cada filme.

These conditions are available for one element, preferably the Filmmaker, for each film.

Despesas de viagens não incluidas.

Para quem chega de avião a Lisboa ou Porto podemos tentar organizar o transporte para a Figueira da Foz, por favor enviem-nos pormenores de chegada logo que possível.

Travel expenses not included.

For those arriving by plane to Lisbon or Porto we can try to organize the transport to Figueira da Foz, please send us arrival details as soon as possible.

Hagalaz explores the role that ceremony can play in the resolution of trauma. It offers an insight into how such ceremonies can transform previously shattered relationships and reestablish meaningful connections with others. The experience of suffering was recorded through narrative and a symbolic releasing of the past.

Hagalaz mantra rap by Detlef Schlich
Lyrics and ritual mantra rap by Crystal Liebach

Wooden stick beat – Crystal Liebach
Blue plastic canister drum – Detlef Schlich

Medium – Crystal Liebach
Ritual Designer, Photographer, Video and Sound Editing – Detlef Schlich

Concept – Detlef Schlich, formerly known as Transodin

ⒸCute Alien TV 2018

Director Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist and ritual designer working with performance, photography, painting, sound, installations and film. My main concern is the exploration of the loss of boundaries between human beings and technology in the 21st Century, the emerging phenomenon of transhumanism in the digital age.

My methodology is the creation of an alter ego, a mythical character, a contemporary manifestation of transhumanism which embodies the symbiotic relationship between the human experience and technology. Through these alter egos I can explore this fatalistic relationship in which human beings are losing their spirituality and seek methods of re-spiritualization through art.

In my studio, I use ritual performance footage as a source of inspiration. I then work with digital and physical media collaging both the charcoal, acrylics and digital to create a final piece of visual work.

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