Video: The Last Human Part II – TRANSCENDING REALITY – A Visual Essay concerning Transhumanism

Detlef Schlich & Corina Thornton in a visual essay in 3 parts about
the human condition in times of transhumanism. A Cute Alien TV production
with the participation of DIT/BAVA Sherkin Island, Co. Cork, Ireland.
Transodin – Detlef Schlich
The last human – Corina Thornton
First Camera Operator – Mick Eile
Second Camera Operator – Jens F.
Third Camera Operator – Detlef Schlich
Special FX – Mick Eile
Catering and Directors Assistent – Sigi Berndt
Make Up Artist – Marie Claire Hodgson
Light – Mick Eile
Electricity and Forest Support – Owen K.
Concept, visual and sound editing by Detlef Schlich
Director Detlef Schlich

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